If your living anywhere around Sydney or the NSW south coast there is no doubt your home will have some kind of interaction with tree’s and surrounding vegetation. Our great country is home to some of the most beautiful and rugged flora and fauna species and makes for a truely blessed way of life. Amongst the beauty though lies the risk created by mother nature including large storms, winds, rain, flooding, drought and bushfire. Summertime in Sutherland Sydney new south wales can reach temperatures of up to 46 degrees Celsius, creating extreme bushfire danger to locals a residents. Recently the local government approved property owners to remove trees within 10 metres of their home and vegetation such as shrubs within 50 metres of their homes without council approval. This has made it easier for arborists and tree lopping teams to safely remove dangerous and hazardous trees from home owners properties, without the owner having to go through the laborious shire Council approval. In normal situations, all land owners must submit an approvalĀ  to the local government council and wait to see if they are allowed to prune or remove the specific tree. In many cases the council will not approve the application causing much frustration for the owner. Generally approval will not be given unless it can be proven that the tree is either unsafe for surrounding property and persons, is already dead or poses some other type of local threat. Councillors will rarely if ever approve removal of a tree foe aesthetic reasons or minor things such as leaves falling into the gutter. Once permission to remove the tree has been given, it is then time to start getting quotes from various tree removal companies. It will not cost you anything to get quotes as these companies will be […]